The MEDIABUS service includes departure from the Roma Tiburtina station, and then continues towards the sites of the “LE VILLAE” archaeological complex in Tivoli:

1. Hadrian’s Villa

2. Sanctuary of Hercules Victor

3. The ponderous table

4. Villa d’Este

The service includes:

  • transport by MEDIABUS multimedia vehicle (Mercedes Class V) for exclusive use for the entire tour;
  • on-board assistance service through a dedicated tour guide;
  • on-board service for wheelchair access for disabled people;
  • access tickets (VillaePass Tivoli) to all the sites and related educational visits;
  • the use of immersive devices (tablets or helmet visors) through virtual immersion devices (sanitized);
  • accompaniment.



9:00 am from 27 March to 18 September 2022
(Return by 20:30)

9:00 am from 19th September to 2nd October 2022
(Return within 7:30 pm)

9:00 am from 3 to 30 October 2022
(Return within 6:30 pm)

9:00 am from October 31st to March 26th 2023
(Return by 17:00)

9:00 am from February 27th to March 26th 2023
(Return by 18:00)

9:00 am from March 27, 2023 to September 17, 2023
(Return by 20:30)


A) 2 large seats;

B) 2 standard seats and 1 disabled seat;

C) 3 standard seats.

Prices starting from 300,00 € to 450,00 € per person per day


  • Closing days: January 1st and December 25th.
  • The vehicle is equipped with systems that guarantee the accessibility of the service for users with motor disabilities.